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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy offers information about how we use the information you provide to us, which we collect through this website, the networking webpage and our Cybertech Conferences. The transferred information will be stored and processed by Arromedia Israel Ltd., incorporated in Israel, having its office at Hagavish 3 st., P.O. box 7107, Kfar Saba, Israel, and Cybertech Singapore (CYSING) Pte Ltd., incorporated in Singapore, having its office at Six Battery road #10-01, Singapore 049099 (collectively "Cybertech" or “We”).

We organize conferences and exhibitions of cybersecurity technologies (the “Cybertech Conferences”), provide networking services though our website and provide products related to the Cybertech Conferences.

We respect your privacy. We collect and process information in computerized systems for the purposes set out below, including to provide our Services and to protect our legitimate interests.  Our collection and processing of your information is in accordance with the Israeli Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981 (the “Protection of Privacy Law”) and any other legal and regulatory provisions that apply to us.

If you do not wish to provide information or do not agree to these terms, you are not legally required to do so, but you may not be able to obtain our Services or part of them.


What personal information do we collect?

We collect the following information regarding the provision of our Services:

  • Information you give us: The information you have provided to us in the registration form or other forms you may filled in on our website, for example your name, company, position, country, telephone number and email (the “Personal Information”)
  • Information required for the payment: Credit card number, credit card holder’s name, validity, CVV, Card Holder’s ID number and his or her address.
  • Cookies: we collect information though cookies as explained below.

All the information described above will be defined as the “Information


Why we collect personal information?

We collect information in order to provide our Services in the best way possible. We use your Information for the following purposes:

  • To create and issue your conference badge.
  • To contact you if necessary.
  • To make statistical analysis of the attendees of the Cybertech Conference.
  • To comply with legal requirements and judicial and governmental orders, issued by national or foreign authorities, if we believe we are required to comply with them.
  • To comply with procedures and policies such as book auditing, information security, billing, collection and business continuity, as well as to retain records and documents.
  • To improve our Services by executing market research and surveys.
  • To advertise and market our Cybertech Conferences, including customized information, according to the Israeli Protection of Privacy Law, the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) Law, 5742-1982 (the “Communications Law"), and other applicable laws.


To whom do we transfer the information?

We will transfer your Personal Information (as defined above) to a third-party supplier which is in charge of creating the registration badge and arranging the onsite registration. The transfer of the Personal Information is mandatory and essential to your participation in the Cybertech Conference. Without the said transfer, we will not be able to create the necessary badge for your participation in the Cybertech Conference and to register you onsite.


We may use and transmit the Information according to the applicable law. The term “applicable law” in this paragraph also includes orders from governmental organizations and courts (national and foreign).

Subject to the law, we may transfer Information as part of the sale of our business (including in the negotiations of such sale), and within the framework of a reorganization, merger, joint ventures and other transactions related to our business. In such a case, the recipient of the information will be subject to the same restrictions on the use of Information to which we are subject.

In accordance with the law, we may sometimes transfer aggregate information to third parties for various purposes, such as research or for the purposes of those parties. In these cases, we will take steps to make this information transfer in a manner that makes it difficult to identify you or others.  


Media, advertisements and direct mailing

When you provide us with your contact details, you agree that we may contact you and send you mail and advertisements regarding our Services. We may contact by e-mail, telephone, mobile phone (including SMS messages), social networks and other means.

You have the right to request to be removed from the mailing list for direct mail (as defined in the Israeli Protection of Privacy Law), by any means of communication, and also that no advertisement (as defined in Section 30A of the Israeli Communications Law) will be sent to you by e-mail, SMS, fax, or recorded phone messages. In order to do this, please contact us at  [email protected] or at +972-76-5390450. You can also be removed from the mailing list by pressing the unsubscribe bottom which will appear at the bottom of every email we send to you. In addition, when contacting us, you can request the removal of the Information which we used to create your profile for the mailing list of the direct marketing, from our database. In this case, we will erase the relevant information of the last two years. Such removal will not include the necessary data for the provision of our Services or for other legitimate interests of ours.

If you have previously notified us that you do not want us to contact you, and you do not receive advertisements, you do not need to send us another message.  

Even after you have requested not to receive direct mailings or advertisements, you will continue to receive from us those notices (by any means of any communication) which we are permitted or required to send to you without your consent, according to the law.


Right to review and correct information

You have the right to review the information (as defined in Section 7 of the Protection of Privacy Act) we hold about you. In order to do this, you must send us a written request to [email protected]. If the information we hold about you is incorrect, you have the right to request its correction or deletion.


Right to withdraw your consent

Subject to the applicable law, you have the right at any time to withdraw your consent given to us to process your information, by sending an email to [email protected] or pressing here.  However, in this case we may not be able to provide you with our services. Please note that your withdrawal shall not affect the lawfulness of processing we have previously made based on your consent.


Additional rights

In certain cases, the applicable law gives you additional rights. For example, according to European Union Law, in certain circumstances the information collected about you may be subject to your right to delete the information (“right to be forgotten”). Another example, according to European Union Law certain significant decisions may not be reached by automated means alone. In Israel, there are situations in which you have the right not to agree to certain types of information processing (for example, if they are not an inherent part of the service or product which we provide).

If you would like to receive more information; to object to processing (for example, when the processing is based on the legitimate interest of Cybertech Tel Aviv  and you believe that your rights prevail over it); to restrict processing (for example, when you are checking the accuracy of your information); to be erased from the database (for example, after you have agreed to the information processing and such agreement is the only basis for such processing);  to take your information to another service provider (data portability - if you have provided the information or if an agreement or your consent is the legal basis for the processing), or any other request regarding your Information, please contact us at [email protected] or +972-76-5390450.


Rights regarding personal information – Relativity

The Rights that our privacy policy or the law give in connection with your information are usually relative. For example, when the law allows you to revoke your consent to process information, if you previously gave your consent, the current revocation does not affect the use of the information processed in the past. Also for example, if the law allows you to withdraw your consent for a specific use, such withdrawal will be subject to our rights (such as the right to keep information for protection from legal claims) and our obligations (such as the duty to store information for tax purposes). We will review your request in accordance with the applicable laws, notify you of the results of this revision, and act accordingly.



Our website includes links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy and security policies of these sites.


Use of your Badge

Exhibitors at Cybertech Conferences may ask to scan your badge.  Please note that scanning your badge is optional. If you agree to such a scanning, we may transfer your Personal Information to the exhibitor(s), who may use this information to communicate with you for his commercial purposes. In such instance, you subject yourself to the exhibitor’s communications, applicable laws, and privacy policies. We have no control or liability whatsoever over the Personal Information once it is transferred to the exhibitor.


Cookies and automatic data collection

In order to improve our services and our website, we use a technology called cookies, which are text files placed on your computer by a web server. The cookies are not a computer program and cannot read information or perform any actions. The cookies we use, as well as other similar technologies have the following purposes:

Operational cookies: The Operational Cookies allow us to improve your browsing experience and our service to you. They are essential for enabling you to navigate on our website and use its features. 

Marketing cookies: We use Marketing Cookies for analyzing the users’ browsing behavior on the site, as well as for analyzing the percentage of responsiveness to our mailings and the success of our marketing campaigns.

Statistical cookies: We use third party cookies to collect usage and statistical information which does not include personally identifiable information.

Security cookies: We use security cookies to improve the security of our website.


How to block and delete cookies

You may block or delete cookies at any time by changing your browsing setting, except for Operational Cookies and Security Cookies which are essential for the proper functioning of our website. For more details on how to block or delete cookies consult the instructions provided by your browser (normally in its "Help" menu).


Information security and encryption

We follow appropriate industry standards to protect information which is in our possession, according to the applicable law. For this purpose, we use reasonable security measures which comply with the standards of the Internet industry, including encryption and other protections. We have adopted strict measures for the protection of privacy and the confidentiality of the information which safeguard against errors in the use of information provided by you or against unauthorized access to such information. We use administrative, physical and technical tools to protect the information stored on our database and we periodically check the system for vulnerability.

Despite the aforementioned, there is a risk of unauthorized access to our database. In that case, so long as we have used reasonable security measures, we will not be liable for damages caused by such unauthorized access or for the transfer of Information to a third party due to such access.

We may send you a bar code by email.  Your bar code is essential for your participation in the conference. Your bar code, which is readable through a bar code reader or a mobile application, contains your Personal Information (your name, company, position, country, telephone number and email.) We take various security measures to ensure that such bar code is provided only to you, but effective security also depends on you. Please make sure that we have your correct email address. If you share your e-mail, or if your computer is infected with a virus, information about you may be accessible to others.

Networking web page

We may provide the option to participate in a Networking webpage to all our customers participating in the Cybertech Conferences except from those who purchase the Exhibition Visitor Pass. In the case you would like to participate in such webpage, you will enter your name, company and other information (your social networking information and your picture) if you wish to do so.  In order to access to your account, you will be provided with a password. Do not give your user name and password to anyone.  We recommend that you take additional security measures. Use the security options of your computer's operating system, install antivirus software, install all available updates (we recommend that you enable an automatic update), avoid downloads from unofficial sites, do not share sensitive social networking information, enable encryption on a wireless network, and avoid using public computers (for example, Internet cafes) or public WIFI networks, unless you are sure your communications are encrypted.

If you are concerned that your identification information (especially your password) or information about you has reached an unauthorized individual, please contact us immediately at [email protected] or +972-76-5390450.

Restrictions on the use of information

According with this Privacy Policy, we will keep your Information and we will not trade, sell, or transfer your information for any use other than as stated in this document.

Notification of changes

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy and we may update it from time to time, as necessary and according to the changes in any applicable law.


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