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  • 29.1.18 - Exhibition only - 14:00-18:00
  • 30.1.18 - Conference & exhibition
  • 31.1.18 - Conference & exhibition
Hall A
08:00–08:50    Registration
08:50–09:00    Greetings
09:00–13:00    Opening Plenary Keynotes
12:45–14:00    Exhibition & Lunch Break
13:50–14:00    "ICS Aviation Risks" Demonstration
14:00–14:40    Fintech and Insurance Industry Cybersecurity
14:40–15:20    Secure Cloud
15:20–16:00    Big Data and Intelligence
16:00–16:40    Next Generation Cyber Technologies
16:40–17:15    CISOs Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity
17:15–18:30    Closing Plenary
18:30–20:00    Cocktail Party

Mr. Amir Rapaport, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Cybertech
Dr. Yossi Vardi, Cybertech Conference Chairman
Dr. Eviatar Matania, The First Director General, Israel National Cyber Directorate
Prof. Rivka Carmi, President, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Opening Plenary Keynotes

Mr. Yigal Unna, Director General, Israel National Cyber Directorate, Prime Minister's Office
Mr. John Delk, Chief Product Officer, and GM - Security Product Group, Microfocus
Mr. Grant Waterfall,  EMEA Cybersecurity, and Privacy Leader,  PwC
Mr. Gil Shwed, Founder, and CEO, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Mr. Marc Van Zadelhof, General Manager, IBM Security
Mr. Udi Mokady, Chairman & CEO, CyberArk 
Mr. Cyril Voisin, Executive Security Advisor, Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, Microsoft
Mr. Michele Iacovone, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security, and Fraud Officer, Intuit​

Fireside Chat 
Moderator: Dr. Yossi Vardi, 
Conference Chairman
General (Ret) David H. Petraeus, Former Director of the CIA
Brig. Gen. (Ret) Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder &  CEO, Team8, and Former Commander of Unit 8200

Mr. Kenneth Schneider, VP Fellow. Symantec
Mr. Jeff Margolies, Principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Mr. Tony Cole, VP & Global Government CTO, FireEye
Mr. Matthew O’Connor, Product Manager in the Cloud Office of the CTO, Google
Mr. Nir Tenzer, CEO, nsKnox Technologies, Ltd.
Mr. Ramzan Zulfikar, Chief Technology Officer, RSA

Exhibition & Lunch Break
"ICS Aviation Risks" Demonstration

Mr. David Shiffman, CTO, Think Cyber

Fintech and Insurance Industry Cybersecurity

Moderator // Dr. Orna Berry, VP & GM, Israel Center of Excellence, Dell EMC

Mr. William (Bill) Karunaratne, Proxy and Endpoint Engineering, Firewall
Mr. Ofer Israeli, Founder & CEO, Illusive Networks
Mr. Erik Naugle, Vice President, Cyber Security, Intuit
Mr. Noam Markfeld, VP Sales, Safe-T
Mr. Zvika Naggan, Managing Partner, Red Dot Capital Partners

Secure Cloud

Moderator // Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk, CTO, Cloud & Enterprise Security, Microsoft
Mr. Gene Golovinsky, Director of Security Research and Development, Intuit
Mr. Itay Glick, CEO, Votiro
Mr. Uri Levy, VP Worldwide Channels, Skybox Security
Mr. Yoram Salinger, CEO, Perception Point
Dr. Shimrit Tzur David, CTO & Co-Founder, Secret Double Octopus

Big Data and Intelligence

Moderator // Mr. Karim Toubba, CEO, Kenna Security
Mr. Nir Chinsky, Head Of Google Cloud MEA & CEE, Google
Mr. Dewand Neely, Chief Information Officer, State of Indiana
Mr. Ariel Levanon, VP Cyber & Intelligence, Mer Group
Mr. Alon Kantor, VP Business Development, CheckPoint
Mr. Omri Timianker, President, Cobwebs Technologies
Mr. Eliahu Amar, Chief Defense Technology Officer, Israel National Cyber Directorate, Prime Minister's Office 

Next Generation Cyber Technologies

Moderator // Dr. Dorit Dor, VP of Product, Check Point Software
Mr. Tal Zamir, Co-Founder & CEO, Hysolate
Mr. Assaf Harel, Co-Founder & CTO,  Karamba Security
Prof. Yuval Elovici, Director of Telekom Innovation Laboratories & Head of Cybersecurity Research Center, Ben Gurion University

CISOs Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity

Moderator // Robert Rodriguez, Chairman & Founder, SINET
Ms. Shamla Naidoo, VP, IT Risk and IBM CISO, IBM Corporation
Mr. Jamal Dahmane, CISO, ESSILOR and CESIN Board Member 
Ms. Renee Guttmann, former CISO, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Closing Plenary

Plenary Host \\ Ms. Katia Gaika, Executive Director, NGRS, Russia

One on One: Next Technologies & Opportunities - AI and Blockchain 
Mr. Yoav Tzruya, General Partner, JVP Cyber Labs 
with Mr. James M. Singer,  Partner and IP Department Chair, Fox Rothschild, LLP 

Dr. Yaniv Harel, General Manager of Cyber Solutions Group, Dell-EMC

Fireside Chat: Cyber Defense in the IoT Era 
Moderator \\ Ms. Esti Peshin, General Manager, Cyber Division, IAI
Brig. Gen. Yaron Rosen, Former Chief of IDF Cyber Staff
MK Merav Michaeli, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Israeli Parliament (Knesset)

Mr. Nir Shafrir, Senior Director, Field Engineering, EMEA, Nyotron  

Ms. Wendi Whitmore, Global Lead, X-Force IRIS, IBM

Cocktail Party
By invitation only
Hall B
14:00–14:50    Opportunities in the AI Era
14:50–15:30    Aviation and Transportation
15:30–16:20    Privacy Protection and GDPR 
16:20–17:00    International Multi-stakeholder Model: a Shared Responsibility
17:00–17:40    Cyber Ecosystems around the World
Opportunities in the AI Era

Moderator // Dr. Yaron Wolfsthal, Director, IBM Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
Mr. Yaron Vorona, Co-Founder & CEO, Iota Security and Deep Defense Network
Mr. Guy Leibovitz, Founder, and CEO, Cognigo
Prof. Oded Mimon, Department of Industrial Engineering, Tel Aviv University
Mr. Oded Blatman, Director of Cyber & Information Security, IAI
Dr. Asaf Shabtai, CISSP, Assistant Professor, Ben-Gurion University

Aviation and Transportation

Moderator // Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Rami Ben Efraim, Founder, Ben Efraim Consulting
Mr. Roee Laufer, Head of Cyber and Information Security, Israel Airport Authority
Mr. Joseph (Yossi) Tal, Business Unit Executive Worldwide X-Force, Threat Intel and GDPR, IBM
Mr. Dadi Gertler, CTO, Cyber Technology Unit, Israel National Cyber Directorate, Prime Minister's Office ​
Mr. Assaf Tamir, Head of Innovation at Bedek Aviation, IAI

Privacy Protection and GDPR 

Moderator // Ms. Melinda McLellan, Partner, BakerHostetler
Ms. Sima Nadler, Senior Program Manager Privacy & World Wide Retail Research Leader; Member of Israeli Public Committee for Privacy Protection; Master Inventor, IBM
Mr. Yair Cassuto, Principal, Pitango ​Venture Capital​
Mr. Ophir Zilbiger, Head of BDO Cybersecurity Center, BDO
Mr. Gil Perry, Co-Founder & CEO, D-ID
Mr. Amit Ashkenazi, Legal Advisor, Israel National Cyber Directorate
Mr. Ian Evans, Managing Director EMEA, OneTrust

International Multi-stakeholder Model: a Shared Responsibility

Moderator // Mr. Iddo Moed, Coordinator Security Cyber, Foreign Ministry of Israel
Mr. David DeVries, Government CIO, Michigan U.S.A
Mr. Cristian Cucu, CIO, Romanian Government
Prof. Dan Blumberg, VP & Dean for Research & Development, Ben-Gurion University

Cyber Ecosystems around the World

Moderator // Mr. Dan Craigen, Founding President of Global EPIC, Canada
Dr. Godfrey Gaston, Director, Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Queen’s University Belfast, North Ireland
Mr. Richard B. Franken Ran, Executive Director, The Hague Security Delta Foundation
Mr. Roni Zehavi, CEO, Cyberspark, Beer Sheva, Israel
Dr. Kevin Jones, Founding Member, Cyber Wales​

Hall F
14:00–14:30    Maritime Cybersecurity \\ Greetings and Opening
14:30–15:15    Panel 1: The Maritime Industries’ View of Cyber Threat and How to Defend against It
15:15–16:00    Panel 2: Real-World Consequences of Cyber Attacks on the Maritime Sector
16:00–16:15    Coffee Break
16:15–17:00    Panel 3: Cybersecurity for Maritime Innovation & Start-Ups
17:00–17:45    Panel 4: Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions for the Maritime Sector
17:45–18:00    Conclusions & Where Do we Go Next?
Maritime Cybersecurity \\ Greetings and Opening

Chairman // Mr. David Nordell, SVP for Strategy, Policy & Law, Centre for Strategic Cyberspace & Security Science

Speaker // Dr. Eviatar Matania, The First Director General, Israel National Cyber Directorate
Speaker // Mr. Maarten Struijvenberg, Deputy Mayor of Rotterdam
Speaker // Mr. Alecos Michaelides, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, Cyprus

Panel 1: The Maritime Industries’ View of Cyber Threat and How to Defend against It

Ms. Renee Guttmann, former CISO, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Mr. Shmulik Rotshas, CISO, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services
Mr. Herman Verweij, Manager Inspection, Port of Rotterdam
Mr. Gadi Ben-Moshe, CIO, Israel Ports Authority

Panel 2: Real-World Consequences of Cyber Attacks on the Maritime Sector

Ms. Einat Meyron, Cyber-resilience & PR consultant
Mr. Herman Verweij, Head of Inspection, Port of Rotterdam
Mr. Gadi Ben-Moshe, CIO, Israel Ports Authority

Coffee Break
Panel 3: Cybersecurity for Maritime Innovation & Start-Ups

Moderator // Ms. Renee Guttmann, former CISO, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Mr. Hannan Carmeli, Founder, The Dock Innovation
Mr. Gerard Van Der Hoeven, Adviser, PortXL (Netherlands)
Mr. Marios Papasofokli, Co-Founder, Radiantfleet (Cyprus)

Panel 4: Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions for the Maritime Sector

Mr. Hagai Katz, CheckPoint
Representative from CyberBit 

Conclusions & Where Do we Go Next?

Chairman // Mr. David Nordell, SVP for Strategy, Policy & Law, Centre for Strategic Cyberspace & Security Science

Hall I
14:15–14:25    CyberMed // Greeting and Opening
14:25–15:15    Cyber Threats in the Healthcare Organizations
15:15–15:35    Healthcare Evolution; The Insecurity about Security
15:35–15:45    Healthcare - The New Cybersecurity Frontier
15:45–15:55    Case Study
15:55–16:20    Cyber Technologies for the Health Vertical
16:20–16:30    Closing Words
CyberMed // Greeting and Opening

CyberMed Host // Ms. Yodfat Harel Buchris, Founder of YP&6 Partners Ltd, and Venture Partner at Triventures VC

Cyber Threats in the Healthcare Organizations

Moderator //  Mr. Dudi Klein, Head of Ventures & Innovation Division, Assuta Medical Centers

Ms. Leah Wapner, Secretary-General and Legal Advisor, Israeli Medical Association
Ms. Michal Geva, Founder and Managing Partner, Triventures
Proff. Shmuel Shapira, Director General, IIBR
Mr. Jack Kufahl, CISO of the University of Michigan Health System
Mr. Kochav Itzik, CISO, Clalit Health Services


Healthcare Evolution; The Insecurity about Security

Speaker // Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Technology at Stanford University Medical School

Healthcare - The New Cybersecurity Frontier

Speaker // Mr. Yariv Fishman, Head of Product Management, Vertical Solutions & IoT, CheckPoint

Case Study

Speaker // Mr. Danny Solomon, Head of International Operations, BDO Cybersecurity Center

Cyber Technologies for the Health Vertical

Moderator  // Dr. Yael Dubinsky, Chief Innovation Officer, Ness Israel

Mr. Pini Pinhasov, Co-Founder & VP Product, Medigate
Mr. Or Cohen, Director of Incident Response, Secdo
Mr. Leon Lerman, Co-Founder & CEO, Cynerio

Closing Words

CyberMed Host // Ms. Yodfat Harel Buchris, Founder of YP&6 Partners Ltd, and Venture Partner at Triventures VC

Hall A
08:00–09:00    Registration
09:00–12:30    Plenary Keynotes
12:30–12:45    Special Discussion on SCADA
12:45–13:00    Discussion between Professional on Cyber Defense Strategy
13:00–14:00    Exhibition & Lunch Break
14:00–14:50    Cyber from a different Angle
14:50–15:05    Fireside Chat: Investor and Entrepreneurs
15:05–16:05    Start up Competition
16:05–16:50    Innovation and Investment Opportunities in the Cyber Industry
16:50–17:00    InterNational Cyber Security Center of Excellence (INCS-CoE)
17:00–17:40    The Human Factor of an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy
17:40–19:00    Cybertech Junior
Plenary Keynotes

Plenary Host: Mr. Rami Efrati, Founder & President, Firmitas
Dr. Erel N. Margalit, Former MK, Founder, and Chairman, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)​
Mr.  James Patchett, President & CEO, New York City Economic Development Corporation
Mr. Naftali Bennett, Minister of Education and Diaspora Affairs, State of Israel 
Mr. Benny Czarny, CEO & Founder,  OPSWAT 
Mr. Yuval Diskin, Chairman, CY Motive
Brig. Gen. (Ret) Ariel Karo,  VP, Director of ISTAR Systems Directorate, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.
Prof. Ari Shamiss, CEO, Assuta Hospital 
Mr. Aharon Aharon, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority
Mr. Zohar Rozenberg, Vice President of Cyber Investments, Elron​
Mr. Shachar Ayalon, CEO, Israel Railway
Mr. Giorgio Mosca, Director Strategy & Technologies - Security & Information Systems Division, Leonardo 
Mr. Ohad Cohen, Director of the Foreign Trade Administration, Ministry of Economy & Industry of Israel
Maj. Gen. (Ret) Yiftch Ron Tal, Chairman of Board of Directors, Israel Electric Corporation Ltd.
Mr. Eli Groner, Director General, Prime Minister Office
Ambassador Koji Tomita, Ambassador of Japan to Israel

Special Discussion on SCADA

One on One
Ms. Galina Antova, Co-Founder and Chief Business  Development Officer, Claroty 
with Dr. Kevin Jones, Head of Cyber Security Architecture, Innovation, and Scouting, Airbus

Discussion between Professional on Cyber Defense Strategy

Fireside Chat 
Moderator: Mr. Zori Kor, VP, ASERO Worldwide
Mr. Oren Bratt, Cyber Director, IMI Systems 
Mr. Ronen Lagos, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Hyver Security 

Exhibition & Lunch Break
Cyber from a different Angle

Moderator //  Dr. Vardi Yossi, Cybertech Conference Chairman
Cyber Attack  Demonstration by Mr. Saket Modi,  CEO and Founder-Co, Tech Lucideus, India
Mr. Oren Blitzblau, Source Responsibility Mentor, Sygnia
Mr. David Asher, SOC \ SIEM - Controller & Analyst
Seren Alsana and Lior Meyer, Students from the Skillz project, Ministry of Education

Fireside Chat: Investor and Entrepreneurs

Mr. Rami Kalish, Managing General & Co-Founder, Pitango​​​ ​Venture Capital​
Prof. Hezi Yeshurun, Co-Founder, ForeScout 
Mr. Yair Amit, Co-Founder & CTO, SkyCure 

Start up Competition

Moderator // Mr. Ofer Schreiber, Partner, and Head of the Israeli Office, YL Ventures
Speaker // Mr. Eric McAlpine, Managing Partner,  Momentum Cyber

Mr. Pete Bodine, Managing Director, Allegis Cyber
Mr. Jay Leek, Managing Director, Clearsky Security
Mr. Mark Goodman, Managing Director, MassMutual Ventures
Mr. Avi Shavit, Head of Cyber & Homeland Security Sector, Israel Innovation Authority
Mr. Jake Flomenberg, Partner,  Accel Partners 
Mr. Deepak JeevanKumar, Managing Director, Dell Technologies Capital

Innovation and Investment Opportunities in the Cyber Industry

Moderator // Mr. Yoav Leitersdorf, Managing Partner, YL Ventures
Mr. Ken Schneider, VP Technology Strategy, Symantec
Mr. Mark Gazit,  President, and CEO, ThetaRay
Mr. Igor Douplitzky, Director Business Development with Startups, Orange Startup Ecosystem 
Mr. David Roberts, Chief Innovation Officer, Indiana Economic Development Corporation

InterNational Cyber Security Center of Excellence (INCS-CoE)

Speaker // Prof. Satoru Tezuka, Project Professor,  Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University, Japan

The Human Factor of an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

Moderator //  Ms. Ruth Shoham, Executive Director of Capacity Building Division, Israel National Cyber Directorate, Prime Minister's Office 
Mr. Samuel Linares, Associate Professor Master in Cybersecurity, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, Spain
Mr. Josh Kram, Senior Director for Middle East Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Kazuo Noguchi, Senior Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC, Keio University, Japan 
Mr. Avi Weissman, CEO, See-Security Technologies LTD
Mr. Nir Lampert, CEO, Mer Group, and Chairman of the 8200 Alumni Association

Cybertech Junior
Hall B
14:00–14:40    International Collaboration for Investigations 
14:40–15:15    Handling Negotiating with Cyber Perpetrator: Why and How?
15:15–16:45    Tech against Terrorism Seminar
International Collaboration for Investigations 

Moderator // Chief-Superintendent Avi Maiberg, Head of the Cyber Unit, Israel National Police
SA David A. Minami, Cyber ALAT - Legal Attache, FBI
Matthias Fischer, LL.M, Senior Policy Officer, German Federal Ministry of the Interior
Mr. Lior Kalev, Director, Head of Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte
Mr. Jonathan Levin, Co-Founder, Chainalysis
Mr. Udi Levy, Co-Founder and CEO, Cobwebs Technologies

Handling Negotiating with Cyber Perpetrator: Why and How?

Mr. Yaniv Azani, CTO, Israel National Police
Ms. Meirav Lavi, Special Operations, NEST, Negotiation Strategies, Ltd.
Mr. Tiran Fartouk, Crisis Management and Negotiation Consultant

Tech against Terrorism Seminar

15.15 – 15.25: Opening remarks and UN Security Council Context

Moderator //  Dr. David Scharia, Head of the Technical Expertise and Research Branch, United Nations Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate

15.25 – 15.35: Cybernorm Insight

Speaker // Dr. Yossi Vardi, Cybertech Conference Chairman

15.35 – 15.45: Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism and Industry Insight

Speaker // Dr. Erin Saltman, EMEA Policy Manager, Facebook

15.45 – 15.50 Cybernorm Insight

Speaker // Mr. Daniel Stauffacher, President, ICT4Peace Foundation

15.50 – 16.10 Presentation of Tech against Terrorism

Speaker // Mr. Adam Hadley, Project Director, Tech against Terrorism

16.10 – 16.20 Presentation of Knowledge – Sharing Platform

Speaker // Ms. Leah Selig Chauhan, Research Analyst, Tech against Terrorism

16.20 – 16.45 Q & A

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